Home ConstructionNew Construction
Member is responsible for providing a cleared right-of-way.
Overhead Line Extension-Single Phase
New Service: $5.75 per foot + $1575.00 construction fee
Rebuild: $7.75 per foot + $1575.00 construction fee
30ft Meter Pole: $240.00 plus tax.
 Overhead Line Extension-Three Phase
New Service and Rebuilds- Three Phase $2000.00 + $11.50 per foot
30 ft Meter Pole: $240.00 plus tax
Underground Line Extension-Single Phase
Member is resposible to provide 4ft deep trench
New Service: $7.25 per foot + 2050.00 construction fee
Rebuild: $9.65 per foot + $2050.00 construction fee
Underground Line Extension -Three Phase
Member is responsible for 4ft deep trench
New Service abd Rebuilds: $20.00 per foot
 Underground Padmount Transformer Charge
Single-Phase: $500.00
Three-Phase: $3000.00
*No underground will be installed between December 1st to April 1st
Overhead to underground conversion fee
Single-Phase: $800.00
Three-Phase: $2400.00
$315 plus tax for a pole pedestal. 
$475 plus tax for a 200A free standing meter pedestal. 
$800 plus tax for a 400A free standing meter pedestal.
Member is responsible for installing, maintaining and locating 
secondary conductor from pedestal to house.
Trenching: $200.00 plus $1.50 per foot (where feasible)
Plowing: $400.00 plus $ .50 per foot (where feasible)
All contribution in aid of construction for new services, other than underground 
conversion and transformer charges, are refundable at a 3¢ per 
kilowatt hour credit on your monthly bill once the service is 
connected. This will continue for three years or until 
contribution is fully refunded, whichever comes first.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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